Message From Program Co-ordinator

Gobinda Subedi

Dear perspective students,
Swastik College is excellent choice to study B.Sc.CSIT course because Swastik College is committed to assist students to attain their academic excellence. We want to shape our students to become professional problem solvers who want to make their name for themselves for the nation. We challenge students to adapt to the state of the art of information technology. It is true that information technology is ever changing and it changing rapidly, it is inevitable they adapt to it. Even though the B.Sc.CSIT course is excellent in itself, we also train our students with certification courses such as PHP, RoR, CCNA, and Android apps development to adapt and stay relevant in the market force.

Swastik College would like to guide and shape our students to be excellent academically and socially responsible. Swastik College would give you students the problem solving tools to enhance your life skills. Our team, here at Swastik College, encourages students to participate in public speaking experience, which is often overlooked in most of the colleges that are running CSIT course. We put conscious effort to foster creativity and hunger for knowledge among students so that our students develop multifaceted expertise which, we believe, will keep them well prepared for the forthcoming challenges.

These are the extra course we teach

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. PHP
  3. Android Application Development
  4. CCNA