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Swastik College, the School of Computer Science and Application, was founded in 2013 by the team of academicians and young entrepreneurs. It is located at Chardobato, Gattaghar, Bhaktapur. Currently Swastik College is running Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc CSIT) and Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA). From 2019, F1Soft has invested in Swastik College to produce highly competent IT professionals from Swastik College and to fulfill the gap between IT education and IT industries.

It was established for the sole purpose of facilitating students' progression, both academic and practical, by eveloping knowledge, key skill sets and the capacity for independent and lifelong learning. We believe in building students' intelligence, ingenuity, inventiveness and independence as well as communication skills. The Swastik College put conscious effort to foster students' endeavors in pursuit of developing their pr...

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Aadesh Shrestha

I would like to thank Swastik College for providing me platform to enhance my educational skill as well as jumpstarting my professional career. The thing I like most about Swastik is that it encourages and supports every individual to pursue their own goal in opt manner. Swastik is the superb base which always produces quality product in the form of quality students; in fact quality empowers the nation.

Aadesh Shrestha (Batch 2070, B.Sc.CSIT)
Chulo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ujjwal Shakya

Mistakes are the ladder to success. With every mistake I had made while at Swastik, I was mentored to perceive it as an experience, as a lesson learnt, a step forward towards perfection. Swastik as the platform for young minds not only has motivated me to be able to start my own venture but also helped provide required exposure. With all of what Swastik has provided, I would love to give back as much as possible. As it is where my journey began!

Ujjwal Shakya (Batch 2071, B.Sc.CSIT)
Operations Manager
Secret Shop Pvt. Ltd.

Sandesh Karki

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the excellent mentoring of the Swastik college which provided me an opportunity to perform to my best in academic as well as my professional career. Studying in Swastik College has become my dream come true as it helped me in identifying both my strengths and weaknesses that helped me in excelling in my job. Swastik College has taught me to be determined, hardworking and committed to achieving my dreams. Swastik provided me with all the trainings and their willingness to send me to multiple hackathons that landed me at prestigious software company as a software developer. All in all, I feel proud to be a part of Swastik College.

Sandesh Karki (Batch 2071, B.Sc.CSIT)
.NET Developer
Ekbana Solutions


Anu Chakardhar

I witnessed for myself the homely environment and dedicated teachers run the college. From a practical standpoint, tudents choose courses that lead to an employable career. You are making an expensive investment in yourself and your future. Make it count and acquire skill set that employers' value.

Anu Chakardhar
Batch 2073, B.Sc.CSIT

Sagar Dahal

After thinking of making career in IT field, I was in the search of college that would fit my expectations. Gladly, SWASTIK College fulfilled my expectations. Good infrastructure and dedicated team of faculty members are the key factors of this college. Well managed library, computer lab has helped me a lot in my study and progress. The continuous guidance from the teachers always motivates me. So, if anyone asks me I would proudly suggest that you can choose SWASTIK without a doubt.

Sagar Dahal
Batch 2074, B.Sc.CSIT

Jeni Ghimire

I feel very fortunate to have done BCA from Swastik College. Its my pleasure to be a part of Swastik College. The College has always believed in helping and guiding its students. I am quite impressed with the quality of education imparted to the students through modern teaching methods, and much needed modern equipments and facilities. Therefore, I suggest anybody who wants to excel in IT field should choose Swastik College for his/her bright future.

Jeni Ghimire
Batch 2075, BCA

Ashmita Basnet

You never know what future holds, despite of having an interest on computer science I end of being CSITian. With light in eyes ,hope in heart and believing that each day I could explore myself a little more. Eventually, I joined swastik college. Appropriate learning environment ,highly qualified teachers and most importantly various extracurricular/- co-curricular activities provided to boost up skills and confidence of the students are really decisive in the career of students like me. I am really happy of being BScCSITians at SWASTIK.

Ashmita Basnet
Batch 2075, B.Sc.CSIT

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